Professional Associations

ICBO– International Conference of Building Officials

ASCE– American Society of Civil Engineers

NSPE– National Society of Professional Engineers

SEAI– Structural Engineers Association of Idaho

CEI– Consulting Engineers of Idaho

ACI– American Concrete Institute

AISC– American Institute of Steel Construction

Our involvement in these societies goes beyond mere membership.  We regularly attend seminars, conferences, serve on committees, and participate in many ways as part of an ongoing effort to keep current in an ever advancing profession.

In addition to our emphasis on continuing education, our engineers are able to draw on a strong background of hands-on experience.  Our engineers keep abreast of industry standards, particularly the latest methods to design and detail structural steel systems and connections to resist seismic forces.

Our design experience in a variety of materials and use of the latest versions of AutoCAD and REVIT, make our firm the right choice for your design team.